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  • 5-Stars!
  • Austin L.
    ...promise you will be satisfied with the professional service...

    “I just got to say over the years I’ve hated dealing with these insurance company’s, all of them are the same they all try to screw you with high rates and ridiculous charges. I’ve had my fair experiences, everything from my payments not being processed, to double charging my card and the best one …charged to make a payment even with automatic payments,
    I’m so glad to have met Ken and soon after his son Ken Jr.
    Over the past year or so I’ve been insured with Ktaylorinsurance and for the first time, me and my wife can drive on a Daily basis knowing we are insured by the best. And if we are in a situation with our policy we are always notified and they solve the situation then and there!! Way to go ktaylorinsurance!! I’m telling you guys to request a quote!! It won’t hurt and I promise you will be satisfied with the professional service your about to endure!!

    ( p.s. shout out to the company’s that didn’t notify me when I was not insured!! You guys deserve a raise!!)”

  • AR
    ... I have a one stop shop.

    “It was time to renew my auto insurance and I was pleased to find a local agent. I gave Ken a call (he actually answered the phone-no automated BS) and within a few days I had a great rate and a new carrier. Any question I asked was answered, and I never felt pressured to make a decision I was uncomfortable with. I ended up having him quote my health insurance and also moved that policy over, now I have a one stop shop. Kudos to Ken for making a pain in the butt chore easy and painless!”

  • Zainab Rizvi
    I would HIGHLY recommend working with him and his agency!

    “Kenny Taylor is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, helpful and intelligent. I would HIGHLY recommend working with him and his agency!”

  • 5 stars!!!
  • Brittney Antionette
    Five stars!